Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer Reading Club

Had lots of time to read this week being in the middle of NOWHERE in PA for Creation Northeast.

I actually finished 3 books:

I love Francine Rivers. I have read most of her books. This is the 4th book in her novella series. She has written stories about the 5 women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus. Rivers takes the Biblical account and adds emotions and dialogue to the story. Each story is very well done. Rivers steps back in time and brings you along with her. We often read the biblical accounts and never stop to think or feel the emotions surrounding the people involved in the story. This book is about Bathsheba. We walk in her shoes from a little girl to the wife of Uriah to her affair with King David. I never really put myself in her place to feel her emotions and see the situation through her eyes. Rivers does a great job of getting you to walk in Bathsheba's shoes. Rivers does not add to the Bible she just makes Bathsheba more human to me.

This is the 5th book in Francine Rivers novellas. Mary is the subject of this book. This book actually made me cry several times. I have often wondered how Mary must have felt raising Jesus. Joseph plays a big part in this book also. My heart was broken as I read about a mother and father raising God's son and slowly realizing that He was to suffer and die for our sins. Parts of this book took my breath away and I had to stop and just thank God for sending Jesus. The faith and obedience of Mary and Joseph is astounding. Rivers has an amazing talent to put the possible emotions and thoughts of Jesus' earthly parents on paper. I felt their love and pain as they raised Jesus and struggled with trying to obey God.

Can I get credit for a book that I've read at least 5 or 6 times? I did actually read this book again. I take this book with me everytime I travel. It only takes me about an hour or so to read it but I get out of it everytime I read it. Louie tells us that we were made to worship. We will worship something or someone no matter what. Some people will claim they don't worship anything but that is impossible. God made us to worship and although we may reject Him we cannot change how He made us. This book helps me get perspective on what I put on my front burner so to speak. Where do I spend my time and money? Conviction usually follows after I read this book but that's good. I was made to worship....I want to worship my Creator.