Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Reading Club Week 1

This week I'm on a roll (might not happen the rest of the summer)

I purchased The Pawn by Steven James last week. Got it on Tuesday and was finished with it on Thursday (Jason told me I read slow ....haha). The other book I finished is Max Lucado's "3:16 The numbers of hope".

The Pawn is an excellent book. As I mentioned I read it in two days. That is saying alot not because of my speed of reading but the fact that I put everything else I was doing on hold because I couldn't put the book down. I've read murder-mystery books all my life and they can become very routine. This is not! Just when you think you have figured out who the killer is and what is going on Steven James throws you a curve and hits you between the eyes with it. I love when author's put enough twists in to captivate you but stop short of too many that you have to take notes just to keep up. James' research into past historical events is amazing. You can tell that he really took his time researching and writing this book. Writing reviews are not my bag of tea so I'll just tell you to go read it...it's worth your time.

I love Max Lucado. I have read everything he has written (some books more than once). Some people do not care for his style but I like to read his books because they are fast reads and he gets right to the point. Taking the most quoted verse in the Bible and breaking it down could be a daunting task but Max has a way of doing it superbly. We often miss the fact that words in a sentence are important. I was reminded of that this weekend while talking to Traci. She was discussing how the deaf community "speaks" -meaning they start with time (present, future, past) and then they continue with the details. I have not taken the time to actually go word-for-word with John 3:16 so doing so has been refreshing. We just say this verse because we know it but do we really KNOW it. Max helps you with that process. With great stories as always he brings things down to earth. I have not started the 40 day devotion part (so not sure if it will count that I've actually "finished" the book) but that starts tomorrow and I'll make another entry when I'm done.