Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here I am

Not much going on with me....just too busy or lazy to post for the past week. Gotta start reading because Mark said "reading is fun". Seriously though, just about everyone that reads this blog reads his also so you have already seen the Book club announcement. I need to find some light reading...I always grab some heavy-thinking-cannot-read-it-fast book and it takes me months to get through it.

Starting to get ready for my trip to PA to go to Creation. I sure hope it is as fun as I think it is going to be. I'm looking forward to no phone, computer, work...just me and Brian and a few 1000 other people listening to some good music. Unfortunately we picked the year that Third Day is not playing there (sadness)....but I will survive. I get to see them in 10 days so life is good.

Oh just to show you...Lacy got a haircut today and now we can see her face.

Here is my little man Rusty too...isn't he handsome???