Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Do women love shoes? Now I know not all women do but ALOT do...I would be one of those women. Some love pocketbooks (me not so much)but a cute shoe...yeah that tugs at my wallet. Well I bought 5 (yes FIVE) pair of shoes the other day them all for less than $100! Shopping like that keeps Brian from freaking out on me when the big box arrives with the shoes. I bought 5 pair of pumps. One black with a cork heel, one black with side slits, one brown velvet mule (very cute), one brown peep toe open back and lastly these....

I LOVE these I have to find a dress to match....and don't roll your eyes at me....alot of people buy their shoes before they buy their outfit!!!



socompletely said...

I, too, have been known to buy my shoes before my outfit. When getting dressed in the morning, it is not uncommont for me to pick my shoes first and then build from there.

SirMax said...

Yeah I am not alone...I do the fact I did that this morning. I found a dress in the closet that matches these sassy shoes...I will be sportin' them tomorrow!