Tuesday, April 22, 2008

101 List

I saw this on Traci's blog and thought it was a good idea. I have yet to think of 101 things to do but I'm getting there. I had planned to start of April 1st but forgot to submit my list at Day Zero (the inspiration for the list). Therefore I will start on May 1st.

Here is my list:

1. Go to Greece
2. Paint/redecorate spare room (making it my scrapbook room)
3. Pay off credit cards
4. Learn the guitar
5. Take a photography class
6. Buy and learn a PhotoShop program
7. Go back to California
8. Learn a new language
9. Lose 10 pounds
10. Walk/jog at least 3 days a week
11. Sing at my dad's church
12. Go skydiving (no kidding!)
13. Clean out my attic
14. Pay off my house
15. Read ALL my books I own
16. Read the Bible in a year
17. Finish the scrapbooks that I have started
18. Replace the kitchen floor
19. Watch a meteor shower
20. Visit all the museums in Raleigh
21. Learn to clog
22. Pray earnestly daily
23. Clean out garage
24. Learn the sound board system at church
25. See WICKED on Broadway
26. Meet Clay Aiken
27. Meet Chris Daughtry again
28. Get Day of Fire to play at my church (or somewhere in Raleigh)
29. Go see my 40th Third Day show
30. Go to New York
31. See Scott get a new place of his own
32. Go to Europe (I've been to Israel but I mean Germany/Holland and such)
33. Watch Highlander Seasons 1-6 in order
34. Replace windows in my house
35. Get very involved in Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child ministry
36. See a George Strait concert again
37. Walk on the beach with Brian
38. Fix my PC (reconfigure and add memory)
39. Sing with my brother again
40. Go kayaking at the Outer Banks
41. Attend Creation Fest in PA
42. Do not go shopping at Target for a month
43. Participate in a charity walk/run of some kind
44. Go parasailing
45. Go fishing (I haven't been in YEARS!)
46. Recycle more than I do
47. Take a photo of self at least once a month (stole this from someone's list...thought it was cool)
48. Take my dogs walking at least 2 times a week
49. Redo bathroom (replace sink and floor)
50. Drink green tea every day
51. Organize music on laptop
52. Call my dad at least once a week
53. Call my brother at least once a week
54. Go see Brian's sister in Massachusetts
55. Go see Brian's sister in South Carolina
56. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast Inn with Brian
57. Go to a Tarheel basketball game
58. Go on a cruise
59. Read my National Geographic EVERY month
60. Teach a small group Bible study with Brian
61. Go snorkeling (I have to overcome my fear of masks and ocean waves)
62. Do a Third Day 4-fer show weekend
63. Highlight my hair (I've never done it before)
64. Order the 3 pound lobster tail at Shuckers and eat ALL of it by myself!
65. Go back to Disney World
66. Repaint the living room
67. Repaint the kitchen
68. See Space Shuttle launch
69. Learn to be content with all I have
70. Be happy in my job
71. Get rid of my critical spirit
72. Mail a card to a friend at least once a week
73. Save a month's worth of salary
74. Visit Harry, Angela and Warren's graves more often (they are next to each other so this is just one trip)
75. List 101 reasons I love Jesus
76. Memorize a Bible verse for every year I've been alive
77. Memorize Psalm 91
78. Donate blood
79. Do not buy a pair of shoes for 2 months
80. Do NaBloPoMo
81. Organize my pictures and videos on my laptop
82. Check my credit score 3 times a year (one from each source)
83. Host a Christmas party at my house
84. Put together a Hurrican emergency kit
85. Make a folder with all personal info for husband
86. Downsize Christmas decorations
87. Don't stress out during VBS (I'm the co-director)
88. Take kayak out more than once a summer!
89. Pay for person behind me in the drive-thru
90. Volunteer with Special Olympics again
91. Ride on a train
92. Name a star
93. Drink only one Mt Dew a day (or even none)
94. Unsubscribe to at least 3 magazines
95. Decide if I REALLY want a tattoo and get one if it's a YES
96. Visit 3 states I've never been to before
97. Find God in EVERY DAY!
98. Have coffee with a friend at least every other month
99. Go see a movie by myself
100. Finish my Winnie-the-Pooh puzzle and frame it
101. Organize this list into categories


Lady Vankovic said...

hey i love your blog i hope you dont mind me using your ideas of what you wanna do... i wanna do them too... really love it... is not as nice as mine though your blog, mines so childish

Chris Stephens said...

I wanted to thank you for putting a link to Christian Book Club on your blog. I enjoyed reading your list of things you wanted to do. It has a lot of variety. I will pray that God makes a way for you to do all of them. I have also enjoyed your comments on Your God is Too Safe. Blessings!!!