Friday, April 18, 2008


It is a shame when we allow someone else to hamper our studying God's word. That's what I allowed to happen last night. Last night Brian and I went to see a prominent Pastor (not mentioning names)speak. When he introduced the worship band he mentioned his son's names and then "two other guys that go to my church". What??? You are the Pastor of your church, you travel the country with these people and you can't remember their names? The "two other guys" just looked at each other as if to say "what the heck?". That was the beginning. Next the band had sound issues that showed they had not practiced beforehand. Then the Pastor stood in between the pews to talk (not usually an issue for me) and the sound system was horrible. I understood about every third word he said. Lastly, there was a lady with a crying baby (which I believe she should have removed) and the Pastor stopped and said QUOTE..."lady I can't preach with that crying baby...usher you need to do something about that right now before I continue". I was done then....yes she should have the sense to take the baby out and the ushers probably should have said something to her but the Pastor's tone was demeaning and rude. Well to say the least I let all that ruin what God wanted me to probably hear. Yes I still listened to the message (which was GOD IS IN CONTROL from Acts 12) but not with the right attitude or heart.

Although I let that happen, God did get my attention when the Pastor said "my inability to fathom a solution to my problems does not in any way limit or stifle God's ability to see me through those problems and to do the most good for me while bringing me through my problems" other words God is in control and I can rest in that fact.

Be blessed! I know I am!