Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Third Day on the 3rd day of the 3rd month on square root day!

It is that time of the month when the awesome Mark Lee asks us to post about Third Day on the 3rd day of the month. Read about it HERE.

Today's post will be mainly pictures. I went to see Third Day on February 7th in Williamston NC. What a treat! I was very excited to know that Third Day was coming close to my house again. Williamston is in the middle of nowhere really. I was born in that area of NC so yeah...there is nothing much there.

Ali and I left in time to get there early (it was a GA show). After some issues with nepotism (yeah) we got second row seats so I'll not complain too loudly.

The show was very very fun. The guys seemed to really be enjoying themselves. We got a mix of old songs and new from Revelation. Nice mix I believe. I did want to hear "This is who I am" so maybe that will find it's way back to the set list for the Tour. And there was NO "God of Wonders"....yeah!

So since my ability to write a review stinks I'll just post my pics. They didn't turn out as well I would have liked...I think the dirt in the air (it was a horse barn that had dirt on the floor!) caused some of the problems.

Good show, good friends, good time as always. And this was my 39th Third Day show....gonna have to celebrate at the next one!!!


Shannon said...

Had to stop by after your comment on my blog. Your pics are great! We are still all caught up in the Third Day aura around here. What a great group! 39 times? Wow! You are a fan! We would jump at the chance to see them again too.

Rose said...

love your camp fire photos! lol

Voice On The Wind said...

Brilliant shots!!!
I gotta tell ya, the more I see recent photos of the guys shows, the more I need a 3D fix! haha.